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Up and Running in Real Estate

Offered by Legends Realty

For Agents under 2 Years in the Business
(and anyone who wants an energized re-start!)

Up and Running in Real Estate is
A unique 8-week online training quick-start program—with coaching component-- for committed real estate agents who intend to make a sale quickly.

Why ‘Online’?

  •    Clear organization to provide the best learning environment
  •    Access when you want and need it—great for busy agents (some modules are only 15 minutes long)
  •   No ‘live’ trainer required’—frees agents from having to attend scheduled classes
  •   ‘Live’ coaching not a requirement—great for agents with no one committed to coaching them
  •    Go back anytime over 6 months—agents can pace the program if needed

                (great for those going from part-time to full-time, too)

  •    Coaches can see agents’ progress for easy coaching continuity

Goals of the Program

  •    From 0 to 60: Get an agent a sale and/or a listing (or more!) in 30-60 days
  •    Provide the agent a business system to last his/her entire career

How It Works

This program is built from Carla Cross’s 3-decade experience as a top producing agent, manager (she hired and trained many first-year top producers), and international trainer/coach. It is a ‘success model’ to start or re-start your career.

Each week, for 8 weeks, Carla shows agents how to

   organize their businesses
   gain time management skills
   apply 7 critical sales skills
   create listing and buyer systems
   implement a successful business start-up plan
   be accountable to creating their businesses


Inspiration: Frequent motivational and inspirational messages, to keep agents going

Coaching: Weekly from Carla Cross (via recorded videos and webinars)

‘Outside’ coaches’ guidance: A coaching component for the agent’s own coach (if he/she has one) to show coaches how to coach the agent through the program

(There is a fee to become a certified coach and gain admittance to all of Carla’s coaching strategies and your agent’s work during the program)

Click here to find out more about the Certified Coach program with access to the Coaches' Corner.

Carla ‘live’: A monthly ‘live’ coaching tele-conference with Carla Cross

Specific ‘how-tos’: Over 45 systems, documents, and how-tos to show agents exactly what to do and how to do it (like an after-listing checklist and 21-point marketing plan)

Exercises: Agents do work in the program to internalize and customize the concepts and skills so they will implement with confidence

Accountability: Agents implement the lead generating plan for that week; they put together processes and systems to support their business development; they report their actions via the Weekly Action Plan and other reporting documents (available to those coaching the agents in the program)

Resources: Dozens of recommendations and listings--The technical resources agents need to work smarter; the ‘human’ resources agents want to expand their knowledge base

In other words, a one-stop-location for an agent’s business development, highly organized to guide the agent a step at a time.