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Legends Realty offers FREE Real Estate Training by David Knox

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About the Nationally Recognized Trainer:

David Knox has built an international reputation as a top sales trainer and

keynote speaker in the real estate industry. As an authority on Pricing,

Negotiating and Selling, he presents his seminars to more than 20,000 sales

people a year in United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

His unique ability to combine humor with education keeps audiences entertained while they learn. As many fans of David have said: “Knox rocks!”

David began selling residential real estate in Minneapolis. After receiving top agent awards, he was invited to be a guest instructor. He went on to become the training director for Burnet Realty.

David was accepted into the cadre of CRS instructors for the Residential Sales Council. He became a Senior Instructor and authored the rewrites of courses RS201 and RS202.

Merrill Lynch Realty Associates purchased Burnet Realty and made David the National Training Director where he was responsible for the training of the 15,000 salespeople in their 33 national operating units.

David formed David Knox Productions and continued to present live seminars and create training programs. He expanded a market niche of consumer video by producing “Pricing Your Home to Sell” which agents loan to sellers to get properly price listings.

In 2009, David launched Real EstateTraining By David Knox to deliver high quality real estate training videos on demand, online for use in training sessions and sales meetings.

In 2011 all consumer videos were made available for online delivery to prospects and clients including Legends Realty.

He has been a top rated presenter at 24 National Association of Realtors® conventions and in 2011 received the RIS Media “On the Shoulders of Giants” award.

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