Legends Realty's Learn To Earn - Exam Series

Legends Realty is committed towards supporting it's agents, it's team members to be the very best, most knowledgeable and most successful real estate professionals in the industry. Therefore it is with great excitement for me to introduce you to one of our companies most unique value propositions .. an on going educational testing series called Legends Realty's Learn to Earn. Two to four times per month, we send out a very short (3-5 question) exam on various topics relating to our local real estate profession.

Don't worry, in each of the exams, we provided you the necessary materials to find the answers, if you don't already know. The idea is to create a "Rosetta Stone" approach to learning. Reminding you of, or exposing you to important real estate information relating to common errors, listing agreements, purchase agreements, best practices, local customs and regulations while taking up very little of your time so you continue to earn.

Your results on each exam will be graded and immediately returned back to you. This way you can see how you did and continuously track your progress through the series.

See how it works for yourself. Take a moment to visit the link below, you will need to register the first time, then take the short exam on Legends Realty's sales listing agreement.

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"Thank you for taking the time to participate in this exam. I'm confident you will see the potential, as well as find the process, simple, productive and extremely beneficial. Here at Legends Realty, we are committed to the success of our real estate professionals."


Dan Lopez, Broker Owner

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